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Selinitsa - GythioLaconia, Peloponnese


Gythion is a town with a long history, which is evidenced by the ruins of the Acropolis, the ancient theater and Roman buildings. It is a beautiful city that is spread amphitheatrically at the foot of Mount Larysio, exhaling an Aegean island breeze.

Along the coastline of Gytheio many taverns, mezedopolia for ouzo and fresh fish as well as many cafes or bars for your entertainment.

The Selinitsa, one of the closest beaches at Gythio is a clean beach Blue Flag, which reproduce the caretta-caretta sea turtle. The beach is 1.390 m with an average width of 25 m and facing south.

2 km south of Gythio is the popular Mavrovouni beach. The beach is a sandy beach 6 km, with crystal clear waters and is ideal for water sports.

Northeast of Gythio, to five kilometers is the Valtaki beach where the rusty hull of the shipwreck "Demetrius."

Climate region

They are luxurious, comfortable and simple, with authentic paintings and handmade articles of blue glass, specially designed to suit individual tastes, for unforgettable holidays, in the local country style, with big verandas covered with pergolas equipped for dinning and rest.

Visits recommended

  • In Gythio you can take a walk along the picturesque dock where there are traditional taverns, shops, bars and cafes and then you can visit Kranai the connected island, from where Paris of Troy abducted Helen, Menelaus' wife, to Troy. Also the museum of Mani and the old lighthouse
  • Tour of Mani, the rocky land, with the Medieval villages, and the Byzantine churches, a landscape never seen before. Dyros lake cave in Mani, with the beautiful stalactites, as the nearby the 40.000 years cave, in which Neandertal lived, with findings of its everyday life, and a very interesting museum.
  • Mystras, the late Byzantine city, with many churches and the famous frescoes.
  • Sparta, the ancient city and the museum of the olive and the Greek olive oil.
  • Geraki Byzantine churches, with frescoes.
  • Monemvasia Byzantine small town, built on the rocky tiny island, connected with the mainland with a bridge. Byzantine and Venetian churches.